Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Artwork by Thomas Hardy

When I was blogging from Japan, Tom Hardy noticed some of my pictures and asked if he could use them as the base of some digital artwork he produces, as you can see from the above, the results are spectacular.

 See if you can find the original picture from my links in previous blogs.

If you want to see Tom's original blog, you can find it here.

Back in Sydney

We arrived at 6.30am this morning. Flight was basically empty, only 50 or so people in economy, we all had a row of seats to ourselves.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Happy Birthday Joey !

Its my nephew Joseph's 3rd Birthday on Monday, happy birthday !! hope you have lots of fun, see you we get home. Love Scott, Sharon & Emma.

Would you buy a house on this street ?

Mt Fuji

This is possibly the last post I'll do from Japan, as we fly home tomorrow night. I may post a few follow up items when we get home though.

We went to Mt Fuji today, I was considering not actually going, as it was a tour by the same company that did the Niko tour, but this one was really good, the bus driver could actually drive, and the last leg of the trip was a Bullet Train back into Tokyo, not a bus trip.

It started similar, the tour company have no clue on how to get people quickly from the Hotel to the bus terminal then onto the tour, but when the tour actually started, it was great, the guide was excellent. 

It started with a 1.5 hour drive to Mt Fuji visitors centre, where they recommend using the toilets as the ones on Mt Fuji leave a lot to be desired. Everyone on the bus took the advice. Its then a short 20 minute or so drive up the mountain to "stop 4". You can drive to "stop 5" but its closed this time of year due to snow.

Not actually much at the "stop 4" as unfortunately the mountain was obscured by cloud. At least we saw it last week from the Bullet train on the way to Kyoto. Very cold on the mountain, got some snaps, then back on the bus to lunch. Lunch was much better than the one provided on the Niko tour.

After the lunch, back on the bus to a place called Hakone, where there is a crater lake with a boat that takes you to a cable car. From the top of the cable car you get an awesome view down to the pacific ocean.

We said goodbye to Chris today, he took a train home to Nagoya as we headed back to Tokyo.

Pictures from Today :-


One thing I won't miss from Japan is the showers. Everywhere we have stayed they are over the bath, and mostly there are one set of taps that control the bath and shower. This was the rare ones that was different.

Japanese Chocolate

For some reason, I just don't find this chocolate appealing.....